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Strategic Solutions For Our Strategic Partners

Hire Our Experts to Innovate and Provide Solutions for Your Organization

We Know Cyber Security

S-CYBER is a cybersecurity consulting company that provides a full range of cyber security services to include machine learning, tailored software development and incident response services to U.S. Government organizations and industry partners.

S-CYBER team of cyber security technology experts help federal organizations identify evaluate and provide innovative solutions for our organization. When you hire S-CYBER, you are not just another customer, we operate with a customer-first mentality providing services and responsiveness unmatched by larger companies.


We live in an era where the defensive capabilities of traditional security tools have been eclipsed by the capabilities of modern attackers. We believe that today’s enterprises need an active, responsive, and integrated approach to cyber security. To combat today’s sophisticated cyber-attacks, executives, cyber security professionals, administrators, and incident responders require the latest technology and insight into malicious activities, applications, and personas on their enterprise network. The ability to react quickly, in near real time and within the full context of the event, is essential. When your reputation, financial loss, or market exposure is at risk, we offer strategic solutions.


Cyber Threat Analysis


Cloud Engineering & Data Analytics


Software Development


Machine Learning


Incident Response


Cybersecurity Consultants

What We Provide

We hire our team of experts based on their ability and passion to provide innovative solutions. As a company, we offer a standard of excellence to our clients and employees by providing solutions tailored to their needs. We leverage our strategic partnerships with other companies and technologies to offer the best solution for your organization.

Cyber Threat

AI/Machine Learning

Software Engineering


What Sets Us Apart from the Rest

Over 30 years of experience

Veteran Owned and Operated

Respected and trusted in the industry

Founded in 2009 and based in Arlington, VA, Strategic Cyber Solutions (S-CYBER)  is a small business set aside that provides cyber security services and solutions to the federal government and private industry. S-CYBER is a small business that has built a deep partner portfolio of larger businesses as well to provide the flexibility and scale that our customers rely on.

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