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Leadership Team
We've got great leaders at the helm

Brian Christos

Brian Christos' career spans over 21 years supporting network defense operations and investigating cyber intrusions for the White House, Intelligence Community,
Dept. of Justice, Homeland Security, Defense and private industry. He has routinely briefed executives on cybersecurity matters and provided his expertise in multiple high level engagements.  He has served as the Lead Cyber Intelligence Threat Analyst for the Executive Office of the President, White House Security Operations Center where he assisted in the mitigation of highly advanced persistent threats. Brian has routinely provided executive level briefings to industry and government officials including corporate C-suite executives, the Director of the Office of Management and Budget, National Security Staff, senior members of Department of State and Congressional staff. His experience also includes working at FBI’s National Cyber Joint Investigative Task Force, where he helped mitigate cyber attacks for major global incident. He is the founder and CEO of S-CYBER, a small business in operation since 2013. 

Jennifer Kim Roman

VP of Threat Intelligence

Jennifer Kim Roman served in various areas of the government, private industry and U.S. military for over 17 years. Her main passion for threat intelligence came from her unique background as an intelligence analyst as a graduate of the Sherman Kent School for Intelligence Analysis. She has served overseas in the military as a senior open source analyst and served at multiple government agencies to include the Dept. of Defense, Treasury, and Dept. of Homeland Security. At CISA, she produced several threat intelligence products distributed to multiple customers across different sectors. She has tracked cyber adversary groups across the globe for over a decade producing timely. and actionable intelligence to protect critical infrastructure and networks. 

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